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About Us

Heritage Art & Frames is committed to providing quality custom framing that adds beauty to your home and preservation of fine art. We’ve delivered quality service for almost a half-century, a testimony to our enthusiasm for creating the finest in custom framing. Combining the vision of a finished product with a large selection of quality frames, our professional designers take tremendous pride in their craftsmanship. Our designers listen to the client’s specific design requirements and work closely with the client at the design table and work closely with the client to achieve the right design, making your artwork a focal point in your house or a special room, and creating a beautiful piece of artwork.

Heritage Art & Frames has a balanced blend of quality products, creative designs, and special equipment that can help every project turn out beautiful and unique every time. We specialize in friendly customer service, we listen to the client’s specific design requirements and combine the vision of a finished product with a large selection of quality frames.

We take tremendous pride in our work here at Heritage Art & Frames. A tribute to the fine craftsmanship, timeless standards, quality services, and attention to detail keeps Heritage Art & Frames in business to support our clients and one of the best frame shops to visit. 

You can find comfort and confidence in our professional experience to help guide you in the right direction. Your home is an expression of who you are, and your walls become a fine art gallery that reflects your interest, your personality, your memories – your life. 

We encourage you to fill a wall with fine artwork and custom framed faces of those you love, places you’ve traveled, and cherished memories.

Company History

Heritage Art & Frames provides clients with exceptional quality custom picturing framing. The business originally started in the home of Sylvia Hampson in 1976. In 1981, Heritage Art & Frames moved to the Lake Otis Postal Plaza. 

Rosalyn "Roz" Barnhill, CPF joined Sylvia’s team in 1986. Sylvia taught Roz the nuances of custom framing, and the importance of quality materials, and nurtured a pride in workmanship. In 1998, Sylvia was ready to retire and Roz decided to buy the business because she enjoyed the job that surrounded her with wonderful art, happy clients, and one that allowed her to constantly express creativity. Buying the business was not Roz’s only option but one she chose with a sense of pride.

In 2006, Roz relocated the gallery to the Fairbanks Street location. The relocation allowed Roz to change the gallery to a style that was all her own, by expanding the gallery space to accommodate a variety of original works by various artists and increasing the framing services space. This expansion gave Roz the ability to focus her business on helping clients define their style in fine art and custom framing, achieve their desired results, and create a pleasant shopping experience. The new space allows clients to work around the design table with Roz, discuss their ideas and help to visualize the finished product which makes decisions easier.

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History Timeline






Sylvia and Robert Hampson start Heritage Art & Frames in their home garage.

Heritage Art & Frames moves to a new location in the Lake Otis Postal Plaza.

Roz Barnhill was hired, with no experience other than cutting mat in High School art class. Roz begins studying under Sylvia and receives her certification with PPFA – Professional Picture Framing Associates. Roz continues her education and certifications.

Roz purchases Heritage Art & Frames when Sylvia decides to retire.

Heritage Art & Frames moves to a new location on Fairbanks Street expanding the fine art gallery and custom framing space.

It is Heritage Art & Frames' vision to create quality custom frames for our clients by greeting them and their project with care and compassion. Our mission is to build relationships by sharing our knowledge of products and services we offer to achieve fabulous framing! We will utilize our core values of compassion, courtesy, and craftsmanship to earn and keep your trust. We strive to meet or better yet exceed your expectations. 

Mission, Vision, & Values


Rosalyn “Roz” Barnhill, CPF
Owner & Certified Picture Framer

Roz began her career as a custom picture framer in 1986 when she began working for her mentor, Sylvia Hampson, the original owner of Heritage Art & Frames. Sylvia was an excellent teacher and taught Roz the nuances of fine art and custom framing, the importance of designing with quality materials, instilling a sense of pride, creating fine workmanship, and visualization of the finished product. Roz enjoyed her job meeting wonderful clients, designing custom artwork, surrounding herself with beautiful artwork, and constantly being able to express her artistic creativity each day. She enjoyed her work so much that in 1998 Roz decided to purchase Heritage Art & Frames.

Roz became a Certified Professional Framer (CPF) in 1988 and credits Sylvia for encouraging her to expand her education and knowledge. She has been a member of the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA), Chamber of Commerce, BNI Alaska, and attends trade shows, events, seminars, and classes to continuously improve her knowledge, network, and expand her relationships.

Roz is the heart and soul of Heritage Art & Frames. She specializes in working closely with her clients to develop and define their style, achieve their desired results, and guide them in their options and choices. She feels uniquely privileged getting to know her clients and helping to create their fine art and custom framing projects.  She believes

in coaching her clients to make choices that will be visually pleasing, structurally sound, and create beautiful aesthetic designs.

Roz is a transplant from Northwest Florida. She quickly realized that Alaska was a great place to live and work. When forced to provide a self-description, phrases like “Short Sporty Type”, “Roz of All Trades” or “Practical Engineer” seem to formulate in her head. “Short Sporty Type” was always outside playing sports with friends, whatever was in season at the time. Organized sports weren’t as mainstream for girls back then, but Roz played baseball on a boy’s city league team for a season while she was in high school. Golf was the other sport that she played in her younger years. Sports are still a part of her life; she can be seen on the links or softball fields in the summer and hockey rinks during the winter. Summers are also filled with gardening, fishing, entertaining visiting family and friends.

After living in Alaska for 10 years her Dad stopped asking Roz when she was going to move back home. He visited and decided for himself that Alaska was pretty cool as well. He purchased some property on the Kenai Peninsula and started building a cabin. “Roz of All Trades” became a useful counterpart to his construction of the cabin. While only able to be a weekend warrior, she was able to assist with many phases in the construction from the foundation to kitchen cabinets.

The “Practical Engineer” designation, as far as she knows is a made-up term concocted by her and a coworker in the 1990s, and was used to try and describe what it was they did to make a custom picture frame project happen successfully. Picture framers must wear many hats to ensure that your custom design from the front counter to hanging or your wall is structurally sound and a pleasant presentation. Designer, Woodworker, Upholstery, Artist, and Engineer are all good qualities to bring to the table as a Professional Picture Framer. 

Roz is that professional picture framer, plus more. She creates beautiful custom artwork and projects with a creative design, defined style, and art that brings a lifetime of enjoyment.

The next chapter is to find an equally enthusiastic and dedicated owner to carry on the legacy that Heritage Art & Frames has become in the Alaska community. If you think that you could be this person, please reach out via email at


A Certified Picture Framer is recognized by the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) as a professional that is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the proper framing methods, materials, and preservation techniques. For more information about PPFA click on the link.

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