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Featured Artist - 2023

Jana Latham

Jana creates original alcohol inks and digital prints. Stop by and meet Jana, experience her beautiful original artwork, and learn more about her techniques. See a few of her originally created pieces available and read more about Jana below.

JL-PbearPaintbrush-20x20 copy.jpg

Jana arrived in Anchorage, Alaska in 2001, and fell in love with the beautiful and unique state that is Alaska.  She’s been attracted to art and creativity since a young age, grabbed an opportunity, and took a leap of faith. Jana purchased a local Anchorage art gallery in 2004, featuring local artists. In 2016, she started selling her artwork in the gallery, creating photography and alcohol ink art, and then she discovered her true creative love... digital art.

Since 2016, Jana practiced, experimented, and has significantly grown as a digital artist. She is self-taught and attended numerous classes on digital art, invested countless hours of instruction and tutorial videos, and invested in technical software applications and design programs to enhance her artwork.

Her process starts with an idea and then uses a photograph of her own, or licensed photographs. Her creations take many hours and require the use of digital brushes, color pallets, layers, crops, fades, cutting and pasting, textures, and experimentation. She may start with a photo or use more than one, but the result is a piece of artwork straight out of Jana’s imagination!

Jana says, “She gets her inspiration from the many wonderful, talented artists that were a part of my gallery and are now considered my friends. After reflecting on those gallery years, thinking of these persevering artists helps to give me the gumption and bravery to put my art out there to the masses.  Thank you, friends!”

JL-Thermals-20x20FIN copy.jpg
JL-2Seals-AJ16x16 copy.jpg

Jana Latham’s original alcohol inks and digital prints are produced on archival fine art paper, archival-wrapped canvas, and metal and are featured at:

  • Blue Sky Brushworks, Anchorage, Alaska  -

  • Magic In The Art, Anchorage, Alaska -

  • Heritage Art and Frames, Anchorage, Alaska – First Friday Event

Ready to have your artwork framed?

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