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Featured Artist - May 2023

Kathleen Lynch


Kathleen Lynch is an artist who has painted Alaska’s wildflowers, birds, wildlife, and native themes. She earned a master's degree from the University of Toronto and studied at Bryn Mawr College and the University of Alaska. Kathleen has studied with Hugh Walkinshaw, Judi Betts, and Nita Engle. As a member of the University of Alaska adjunct faculty, she taught courses in watercolor and art appreciation. 


After moving to Alaska in 1971 she spent ten years working as a writer and illustrator on a native education project for the University of Alaska. The work involved extensive travel throughout the state, and she later depicted what she had seen in paintings of native villagers, wildlife, and local flora. 


Since 1995 she has been painting full-time. Her subjects include northern images, West Coast themes, and still life. Whether painting in watercolor or free-flowing acrylic, Kathleen continues to find inspiration in the natural beauty of the North and the Pacific Coast.


Kathleen’s work has been exhibited in juried shows in Canada and the United States: All-Alaska Juried Show, Alaska Juried Watercolor Show, and National Audubon Exhibition of Alaska Wildlife, Northwest Watercolor Society Members Show, Seattle. Federation of Canadian Artists juried shows in Vancouver and Victoria, Canada. 


She’s earned awards for her paintings, including the Golden Anniversary Award in the Anchorage Rendezvous Judged Art Show and the Grand Champion Award from the Alaska State Fair.


Kathleen’s work can be seen in the following galleries:

  • Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Sales and Rental, Victoria 

  • Heritage Art & Frames, Anchorage

  • Broadmead Gallery, Victoria 

  • South Shore Gallery, Sooke

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