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Heritage Art & Frames is a full-service custom frame shop. We work closely with our customers to help them choose the best design and materials for their treasures. Whatever it is that you need to be framed, our experienced and friendly staff at Heritage Art & Frames can help you create a family heirloom that you will be proud to display in your home for years to come.

We frame prints, photos, posters, original paintings, and textile pieces. Dimensional pieces of memorable items create wonderful shadowboxes for visual display and preservation, including items such as musical instruments, military flags, medals, coins, stamps, and eyeglasses are some of the many items. Ask us, chances are that we have framed it before or something like it.


Art needs to be properly framed using confident design choices to achieve the desired results. There is more to custom picture framing than just picking out the mat and frame. A professional picture framer is knowledgeable and experienced in offering superb design choices,  employs proper framing techniques that assure the level of preservation required for the project, and considers the structural soundness and balance of the design. We have a Certified Picture Framer (Professional Picture Framers Association) to

provide quality services.

Heritage Art & Frames uses updated and new techniques and materials to protect your artwork.  We use conservation quality matboard and backing to protect your artwork and ultra-violet filtering glazing material options are available.

Heritage Art & Frames is dedicated to the profession of custom picture framing and fine art sales. We offer each client a level of service that meets or exceeds their expectations while creating designs that fit their style. We offer each client friendly knowledgeable conversation with no pressure sale techniques. The artwork and its presentation should be enjoyable, not stressful!

“Specializing in Friendly Customer Service”

Services Available

Let Heritage Art & Frames design and custom frame your valuable original art, limited edition prints, unique and precious possessions, and important memories of your life.

Custom Framing - Two Dimensional


Fine Art • Limited Edition Prints • Posters and Prints • Children’s Artwork • Maps - Vintage & New • Diplomas, Certificates & Awards • Photographs • Family & Wedding Portraits • Newspaper & Magazine Articles • Trading Cards • Stamps, Coins & Stickers • Memorabilia - Letters, Ticket Stubs, Cards, Menus • Advertisements

Any two-dimensional item you want to frame!

Custom Framing - Three Dimensional


Musical Instruments – Guitars • Sports Items - Jerseys, Bat, Hockey Stick, Basketball

Textiles - Needlepoint, Clothing, Military Uniforms • Books • Military Flags • Medals, Badges & Awards

Knives & Arrowheads • Sculptures • Rocks, Minerals & Gemstones • Plates & Tiles • Eyeglasses

Any three-dimensional item you want to frame!

“True patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual, freedom and equality not only for Americans but for all people on earth…”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Custom Framing & Special Projects


Matt Cutting (“Wizard”) • Recycled Frames (“Bargain Bin”) • Recycled Matting (“Matt Scraps”)

Stretching Canvas • Commercial Office Artwork Sales

Art and framing choices help to define unique styles. The choice of fine art and custom framing is a great extension of personal style and can complete a home or office décor, or it can be the incentive for new décor. We help clients define their unique style in fine art and custom framing choices. 

Custom framing is in the fine details, design concepts, and style choices. Our certified picture framing professionals work with each client to guide and develop design style, color, mat, and frame choices that are perfect for the artwork. We work with the client during the design process to consider the value of the article being framed depending on its historical, monetary, or sentimental value to ensure the proper preservation techniques are utilized. We choose high-quality materials, determine the proper matting and frame design, and create beautiful pieces of artwork for the home or office.

Whether it is the framing of a new piece of artwork or preserving a family treasure. Custom picture framing is an art form at Heritage Art & Frames and it is the perfect way to tailor the décor of your home or office. With an impressive frame selection and the knowledge of proper preservation and design techniques, Heritage Art & Frames looks forward to assisting you with the perfect mat and frame combination to compliment the artwork and your décor. 

Let's discover how custom framing can help you showcase the items that will become part of your heritage.

Why Use a Custom Picture Framing Professional?

Custom Picture Framing is the art and science that it takes to create an aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound, and safe environment for artwork to live. 

This is possible by utilizing time-honored practices and taking advantage of the new procedures and products that are now available to the custom picture framing industry. This combination allows picture framers to create beautiful presentations and safe havens for your artwork. 

Your art will be protected if these basic preservation practices are followed: use ultraviolet (UV) light blocking glazing, provide neutral Ph surroundings, and follow proper mounting procedures. 

Preservation framing is accomplished with materials that do not harm the artwork using reversible techniques, thus protecting against anticipated environmental hazards. The frame itself is what provides overall support and stability.

To Protect and Enhance Your Artwork

Heritage Art & Frames provides the following services and products to protect and enhance your artwork.


Mats have a very important role in an archival framing package they keep the glass from touching the artwork which provides air space that can prevent damage due to condensation that can build up on the glazing. Think about those photographs that you have seen that were stuck to the glass. We use only preservation quality acid-free and lignin-free mat boards. Other design options can be employed to separate the glazing from the artwork such as liners, stacked molding, shadowbox walls, or acrylic spacers.



Ultraviolet (UV) light is present practically everywhere it is the reason we see color. Over time, exposure to UV light will cause artwork to fade, yellow, become brittle, and deteriorate.  Using glazing that blocks 99% of harmful UV light will allow you to enjoy your art over time while keeping it as safe as possible. UV filtering products do not offer 100% protection, so it is important to hang artwork away from direct sources of ultraviolet light.


Heritage Art & Frames offers the following Tru-Vue UV filtering glazing products.

Museum   •  Conservation Clear  •  Conservation Reflection Control  •  Optium Acrylic

Conservation Clear Acrylic  •  Conservation Reflection Control Acrylic

For more information about Tru-Vue products visit

Frame Restoration & Repairs


Heritage Art & Frames provides frame restoration and repairs for your valuable artwork and memories. We can repair and restore antique and contemporary frames. Frame restoration is a specialized form of art, and our professionals have the knowledge and experience. During the restoration, we repair and refinish the areas of damage and retain as much of the original as possible. A frame restoration may include a partial repair of a broken corner or ornament, or a complete frame rebuild requiring rejoining, casting, carving, sanding, gilding and finishing. We believe a frame can be rescued and repaired.

Restoration & Repairs Services

Replacement of glass

Corner repair, re-gluing, and closing

Repair of cracked or broken plaster

Touch up of missing gold leaf

Repairing gilded frames

Refinishing natural wood frames

Replace missing ornamentation, casting new, or carving to match

Featured Artists, Fine Arts, and Prints for Sale

Heritage Art & Frames features original artwork by Charlen Jeffery Satrom, Kathleen Lynch, and various other Alaskan artists.

Original Fine Art


Limited Edition Prints




What Our Clients Say


I recently took is a very sad and damaged cross stitch created by my husband’s grandmother. Roz helped me take it step by step to restore

the stained fabric and reframe it. The result is astonishing. She truly does custom work.

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