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Heritage Art & Frames

Fine Art Gallery and Custom Framing

Heritage Art & Frames is a full-service custom frame shop and fine art gallery serving Alaskans since 1976. We work closely with our customers to help them choose the best design and materials for their treasures. Whatever it is that you need framed, our experienced and friendly staff at Heritage Art & Frames can help you create a family heirloom that you will be proud to display in your home for years to come. We frame prints, photos, posters, original paintings, textile pieces, and many more memorable items.

“Specializing in Friendly Customer Service”


Mission, Vision & Values

It is Heritage Art & Frames' vision to create quality custom frames for our clients by greeting them and their project with care and compassion. Our mission is to build relationships by sharing our knowledge of products and services we offer to achieve fabulous framing! We will utilize our core values of compassion, courtesy, and craftsmanship to earn and keep your trust. We strive to meet or better yet exceed your expectations. 

Custom Fine Art Framing Services

2 Dimensional

  • Fine Art ~ Original & Prints

  • Serigraphs & Lithographs

  • Photographs & Posters

  • Diplomas & Certificates

  • Maps Vintage & New

Repairs & Restoration

  • Replace Glass

  • Replace Matting

  • Rescue Artwork

  • Rebuild Frames

  • Refurbish Frames

3 Dimensional

  • Sports Jerseys & Memorabilia

  • Military Medals & Flags

  • Memorial Shadow Boxes

  • Icons

  • Native Art 

Commercial Accounts

  • Hospitals

  • Universities

  • Native Corporations

  • Interior Designers

  • Small Businesses


  • Cross Stitch

  • Needlepoint

  • Weavings

  • Quilt Squares

  • Tapestry

We Sell Art

  • Original Artwork

  • Limited Edition Prints

  • Etchings

  • Stone Lithographs

  • Vintage Prints

Why Use a Custom Picture Framing Professional?

Custom Picture Framing is the art and science that it takes to create an aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound, and safe environment for artwork to live. 

This is possible by utilizing time-honored practices and taking advantage of the new procedures and products that are now available to the custom picture framing industry. This combination allows picture framers to create beautiful presentations and safe havens for your artwork. 

Your art will be protected if these basic preservation practices are followed: use ultraviolet (UV) light blocking glazing, provide neutral Ph surroundings, and follow proper mounting procedures. 

Preservation framing is accomplished with materials that do not harm the artwork using reversible techniques, thus protecting against anticipated environmental hazards. The frame itself is what provides overall support and stability.

To Protect and Enhance Your Artwork

Heritage Art & Frames provides the following services and products to protect and enhance your artwork.

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